Why no outside shoes?

Babies & kids spend so much time on the floor.
Kids play and wrestle and roll around. They are always on the floor. Mouths open, drooling, hands in their mouths and sometimes even licking the floor, exploring the world through their mouths. That’s why Rabbit Hole needs a no outside shoe policy to allow kids to do this.

Dirt & Bacteria
Okay, let’s face it! Shoes are NASTY! Just think about where your shoes go. There is a lot on the bottom of your shoes. A lot of bad stuff. Pesticides, chemicals, viruses and bacteria just to name a few. Removing your shoes before entering the centre is like washing your hands after using the bathroom.
We also have hand sanitising stations around the centre, just to keep Mr.Germs away.

No dirt inside!
Rabbit Hole likes to keep things looking clean and new, so we have differentiated the inside from the outside. Dirt stays outside!

Are prams allowed in the centre?

Prams are permitted in the centre, however we do recommend prams be stored away if not in use just so little kids don’t trip over or run into them. We want little ones to crawl on the floor; that’s why we’ll wipe down the wheels of your pram upon entry.

Can I still enter if I have forgotten to bring socks?

Socks are a must for all who enter Rabbit Hole. If you forget, that’s ok, you can purchase a pair from the Ticket Office at entry.

What ages are suitable for play?

Our playcentre is suitable for toddlers to teens!
 We now have an area at the Funfair with soft play  for 3 years and under.

Can adults play on the equipment too?

We actually encourage adults to join in the fun and follow their kids on adventures down the slides and climbing frames. Playing together is the best!

Does Rabbit Hole have access to free WiFi?

We offer free WiFi to all of our patrons.

Is the centre Air Conditioned?

Yes, our playcentre is fully air-conditioned including a unit in each and every party room! We want to make sure we keep families cool while hopping around the playcentre.

Are the tickets valid for unlimited play or restricted to a time frame? And is there access to all areas?

General admission allows your little ones to have unlimited play all day.

Rockwall Climb or Bakehaus and Funfair special programs are at additional cost.

Adults are free but can two parents accompany one child?

Yes, you can come to the centre with two parents and a toddler on regular weekdays and weekends. No worries at all!

Do you offer special prices for Mother/ Father Groups?

We sure do offer a mother’s / father’s group discount price on weekdays (public/school holidays excluded) for groups of five or more. The price is reduced to $13 per child. Bookings are essential, so if you have a date in mind please give us a call on 9317 8178, to secure your spot.

Do you have gift vouchers to purchase?

Gift vouchers are available to purchase at Ticket Office.

I don’t have any cash, can I pay by card?

The centre has eftpos facilities available. We also accept Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.


What food do you offer at the café?

Our café offers a wide variety of delicious food and drink options, including burgers, salads, focaccias, pizzas and fish and chips, as well as barista-made coffee, juices, and smoothies. We also provide vegetarian, halal and gluten-free alternatives. Please notify staff of your dietary requirements.

Can I bring outside food into Rabbit Hole?

At Rabbit Hole we provide a yummy selection of items at our café for your convenience. Outside food is not allowed in the centre with the exception of baby bottles or baby food.

Are you an Allergy Aware centre?

Yes, we are! Please notify a staff member if you have any allergy or dietary requirements.

Booked Parties:

Are your party packages limited to ages 2-12 as my child is 13?

Our packages can be applied to ages 2 – 15 years.

How soon do I have to confirm my booking, guests attending and menu options?

Five days prior to your event, a Rabbit Hole employee will call to confirm your details and party requests.

If I’m unsure of the number of guests can I confirm on the day?

We require a minimum of 5 days to prepare for your event. Confirmation is required at this time.

What if I have less than 10 children?

Our packages have been designed for you to get the most out of your time here at Rabbit Hole and whether you have 8 or 10 children attending the base price applies.  If you wish to increase the number of guests there will be an additional fee per guest.

For catering purposes, we recommend that you let us know of any increases at least five days prior to the party.

Do I count the birthday child in the party numbers?

The birthday child is included in the total number of party guests.

How many adults can I have at the party?

Our rooms are designed to provide a warm party feel and we ask that parent access to the room be limited, while the children are undertaking party activities, to avoid congestion.  While the children are out on the floor playing, parents are welcome to make use of the rooms.

Can I bring in my own cake?

You can bring your own cake that we can store in our fridge until it is time for your birthday child to cut the cake.  We also have partnerships with a cake decorator for your convenience.

Can we bring our own balloons into the centre?

You can bring in your own balloons but if they are helium they will need to be tied down with an appropriate weighty object other than the furniture. Helium balloons are not to be released into the centre as these can trigger the alarms to sound.

Can I bring outside food into Rabbit Hole?

At Rabbit Hole we provide a yummy selection of items for the party packages that are prepared in our kitchen.  Our café offers choices for many dietary requirements and has great coffee too. Baby food and bottles are an exception.

Who is responsible for supervision of the children attending the party?

On condition of entry to the Rabbit Hole Playcentre we ask that the Parents or the person who has booked the party supervise the children within the group.  At Rabbit Hole our team will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who attend through clear communication and direction at all times.

Can I bring glassware?

As we have a no footwear policy we ask that not glass ware is brought into the Playcentre as breakages can cause serious injury.  Where possible please use plasticware.

I haven't booked a party room. Can I have a party in the common area (general floor)?

The common area are for general admission and cafe patrons only (Bakehouse exempted).

Parties must be pre-booked through our Party Packages and held in rooms only. Cakes cannot be brought in for a party in the common area.

Can we bring in external entertainers?

For your convenience we have sourced and formed partnerships with a number of external entertainers. Details can be provided on request when booking a party package.

Can we stay in the party room longer than the allocated time?

You can stay and play in the centre for as long as you wish but the party room will need to be cleared to ensure it is prepared for the next group.

What if one of my party guests requires wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access is available to most of our party rooms downstairs. Please inform staff when you book your party.

Where can my guests’ parents and I get a coffee or something to eat?

Our Café at Rabbit Hole is fully functioning with talented Baristas and an array of menu items.  On arrival into your party room your Party Host will guide you through the use of our ordering system from the rooms that allows you to run a tab.